When you win a lot, you don’t learn much. With my ups and downs, it’s a lot of learning.” (Tina Maze)

Racing Skills
Lifting Inside Hip by Shiffrin
Long Leg; Short Leg
Compact Transition by Hirscher
SL Hand and Stance by Liensberger
Flush by Vonn
Handling Icy SL Course by Vlhova
Strong platform; proper outside ski pressure; skis turn simultaneously.

Comments on GS by Brignone
Course Inspection
Tips by Mikaela Shiffrin:

Tips by Daron Rahlves:

GS line choice


One simplest way to tell whether a racing team is trained professionally is to look at their racers’ pre-race warm-up routine. Given the fact that a fraction of a second matters in ski racing, whether athletes seriously and properly warm up before a race could substantially influence their eventual ranking.

High-level racing teams (e.g., USST) obviously always do warm-ups. If your team doesn’t have a warm-up routine, do it yourself. If people who don’t do warm-ups laugh at you, don’t be bothered. Keep warming up and let the clock speak after your run.

We consider warm-up as a tactic used by racers paying attention to every tiny detail in a race.

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