When we first learn skiing, it is common that we are fearful of steepness of the slopes. If we look back after a few years, we may wonder: “Are these flat slopes scary at all?” But beginners must overcome the fear in order to move to more advanced levels. The question is how to do it.

Actually, the reason we ask this question above is because we now have better control of our skis, we are more balanced, and we know more about how to deal with variable terrain conditions. This is like if we know nothing about math, then “1+1” could be an intimidating problem. If we know basic math, we would wonder why people ask us to solve such a simple problem. Therefore, skill matters. Spend more time learning skiing and practicing skiing could gradually take that fear away. What is left is a confident skier looking forward to terrain challenges.

True, some people by nature are fearful of steepness. But can we change the way we are built? If not, why not spend more time on the changeable? That said, if you are one of this group of people, please be patient. Don’t try intermediate or advanced trails too early too soon. Remember our definition of an intermediate skier is not someone who can ski down an intermediate run, but someone who can ski down an intermediate run in the same form as they ski a beginner/novice run. Same for defining an advanced skier.

“Be patient” is not a cliché, but a series of steps of skill improvement. Ski instruction associations of many countries have detailed guidelines about systematic ski learning; there are also plenty of online videos and skiing books. Our K-learning section also has useful resources for this purpose. As you gradually grasp more skills, you will find the steep is not to fear, but to enjoy.

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