“There are only two kinds of skiing: good and good for you.” (Terry Barbour)

The topics in this section cover major aspects of ski learning. Drills under each topic are roughly arranged upon ski levels (from basic to advanced levels). Some drills may help the development of multiple fundamentals.  We will update the page with new drills or new explanations continuously.

Please note (1) skiing is a progressive sport; it is better to build solid foundations first before moving to more advanced exercises. Be patient. (2) skiing is an integrated movement. While each drill may focus on a specific skill, ultimately skiers need to blend these skills together.

Different skiers may have different approaches and techniques. This is why we present you different, carefully-selected choices so that you can pick the ones that fit you better.

While sometimes people may think USSA training is for ski racing whereas PSIA instruction is for recreational skiing, we do not endorse such a distinction. Good skiing, no matter whether it is racing or recreational skiing, shares similar standards of fundamentals.

Racing does have its own techniques and tactics, which will be addressed in the “Racing” subsection.

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