“Life is better on the slopes.”

How to become a member of Kayalulu?

Click on “Join Us”, which will lead you to registration.  Free registration.  Free use.  Please respect other community members as snow friends.  Have fun. 

Is Kayalulu free?

Yes.  Registration, use of K-community, and use of K-Blog are all free. If you need deeply customized coaching from a coach or from Kayalulu, please contact kayalulu001@kayalulu.com.

How to use Kayalulu?

After registration, you will be able to get access to K-Community and K-Blog. In K-community, you could start your own group. You can submit posts to K-Blog to share your knowledge, experience, and love for skiing.

How to create a group on Kayalulu?

Please click on “Groups” on the homepage (K-Community) and select your preferences (e.g., public group vs. private group; whether you want the group to have a forum or not). Then your friends/students could request to join the group (they need to register with Kayalulu first). 

You can create multiple groups.

How can a ski instructor interact w/ students on Kayalulu?

After registration, you can create a group and then after each lesson, you may share Kayalulu URL together with your group name with your students. Once they join Kayalulu, they can request to join your group.   After approving their request, you can continue to advise them and they may come back to you for private lessons.

You can have one learning group for all your students, or you can create multiple groups for different students.

How to submit a blog post to K-Blog?

On the K-Blog page, there is a submission toggle “Submit to K-Blog.” Click on the button and it will lead to the submission form. 

The default status of your post is “Draft” which means Kayalulu will review it before publishing it. Please be patient if you don’t see it instantly. Once we have approved multiple posts from you, your posts will be published immediately.

Can I upload my ski video for comments/suggestions?

Yes.  You may do so by submitting to K-Blog.  Select “Ski Learning” as the category.  We recommend that you copy and paste a YouTube video URL to your post.  

How could snow schools, racing teams, and ski clubs use Kayalulu?

You can create one or multiple groups on K-Community. Usually you need to enable the forum function. Then your members could comment on videos and exchange thoughts on Kayalulu. You may also upload related documents (training schedule, etc.) to the group.

You are welcome to contact us at kayalulu001@kayalulu.com to discuss how to better organize ski learning of your organization.

Will Kayalulu organize any site-wide activities?

Yes, we may pick a topic (e.g., carving, rise line techniques) with broad interest for a Zoom discussion session. We may also organize other off-line activities during and after the ski season. Helping skiers bond with each other is our ultimate goal.

Will Kayalulu share with others my individual information?


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