Many serious ski learners have such an experience: we work hard, spending dozens of days on snow, watching hundreds of YouTube videos, and taking numerous ski lessons. But when we watch our own video, we are shocked by the little progress we have made. We feel good when we ski; we feel bad when we watch how we ski. Sometimes we may even wonder: Is skiing really the sport for me? Should I try snowboarding?

This puzzle bothered me for quite a while until I read The Athletic Skier (by Warren Witherell and David Evrard). The shortest chapter in this 241-page book only has 1 page, entitled “80/20: 20/80”:

The first 80% of correction provides a 20% gain in performance.

The last 20% of correction provides an 80% gain in performance.

In the spirit of their brevity, I would leave this post a short one. Hope this “80/20: 20/80” principle could help fellow skiers keep working hard and be as precise as possible. Good skiers exhibit a similar form of skiing because precision does not tolerate deviation.

Persistence can grind an iron beam down into a needle.

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